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"The best driving instructor in the world. Many thanks for getting me to test standard, I still can't believe I have done it" Wendy "Thank you for your expert tuition and patience"


"Thank you so much for teaching me to drive. It has been great pleasure learning with you"


"Thank you very much for being a wonderful instructor"


"Thank you so much for being so patient and teaching me to drive. You were the best instructor I could ever have had"


"Thanks for all your help with my driving. I really couldn't have done it without you. I'd still be having lessons when I was 50!"


"It is 35 years since I drove a car after failing my test and losing my confidence. I was very lucky to have Andy recommended to me. Andy is a very patient understanding instructor, when I made mistakes or found a manoeuvre difficult he would be calm and encouraging making me feel confident that I could overcome the problem. I passed first time after all these years and it is all thanks to Andy. I would recommend him and give him a six star rating if I could."


"Ive known Andy for years and making him my driving instructor was one of the best moves ive made so far. He's patient, understanding and makes driving seem so easy. I passed first time and don't have any regrets working with Andy. I would recommend anyone to drive with Andy, you won't regret it either."


"Andy is a really fantastic driving instructor. When I started with him I was lacking in confidence and felt a nervous driver, but with his support, encouragement and advice I improved really quickly. I even managed to pass first time!! He's calm, professional and a really great instructor. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive."


"I had four instructors before Andy but Andy was head and shoulders above the rest. He was calm & patient, but more importantly was passionate about teaching safe driving. He instilled within me a confidence in my driving that I never thought I had!!!"